The art of a great urban wildlife photo is how you tell the story.

Urban wildlife photography is no longer limited to the likes of the RSPB. From street level cameras to drones, many photographers are capturing fantastic images of birds, insects and even fish in our towns and cities. With new technology allowing for ever more creative shots, it’s getting easier than ever to capture that perfect image.


These nature photos are not just stunning – they are hilarious. See the winners of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Humans are not the only animals that take pictures. Animals are usually content to do what they do, whether it is running away from danger or mating for life. But animals have a deep appreciation for photography too, and they have been taking photos of each other for years. Some of these photos might be weird or gross, but there are some out there that are truly funny.

Animals in their habitats

“Animals in their habitats” is the title of a painting by Robert Goodnight. It depicts woodland creatures including foxes, deer, hawks, owls, and birds in their natural settings. This painting captures just when the red sunset light will transform woodland animals into shadows during this time between nightfall and when dawn breaks. The night has set in and the colors of the sunset shine over woodlands in Pembrok

use cameras in their own way. They have been taking photographs for at least a hundred years, but it is only recently that we have started to appreciate this art form.

Mammals can make great pictures of themselves and other animals too. These photos range from professional wildlife photographers using the latest equipment, to others who do not even bother with a camera or lens!

Below is a list of hilarious pictures taken by real life astronauts on spaces.

The art of a great urban wildlife photo