Rittenhouse verdict reactions roll in: From ‘a travesty’ to ‘justice has been served’

Now that Rittenhouse has been sentenced to life for murdering a mother of two, the family’s attorney spoke about their legal efforts and how they hoped finally finding justice…

Some anti-vaccine parents were jailed … why? Mother who refused polio vaccine was spared jail “As a society we have decided not to do those things anymore that endangered our children.”

Family of Anthony Huber, who was killed by Rittenhouse

Journalist Jeremy Baker said the family was elated after a long legal battle. They felt justice had been served.”

In this November 2018 interview, Dr. Lawrence Palevsky , former Director of Medical Toxicology for Henry Ford Health System and Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine at Wayne State University speaks with journalist Michael W Smith about how he helped rescue an infant whose parents refused vaccinations…

A Fox News medical expert says she “…wanted to help this family in their quest to participate, if they could participate together.”

Dr. Michael W Smith interviews Dr. Lawrence Palevsky about an infant who was forced to undergo multiple vaccines, including one she certainly shouldn’t have received… This is not the first time fringe anti-vaccination groups attempted doxing; here are 6 other times . Thankfully, these same people rarely come after me (unless I say something they don’t like.

Gov. Tony Evers, D-Wis.

announces a $19.7 million grant to help pay for Waupun’s planned merger with the town of Brookfield

2018-OK: Judge Tom Gray retires at his home in Oklahoma City, where he will …

Lt. Gov Mandela Barnes, D-Wis.

says he is “stunned and frankly shocked” by the allegations against Judge Gray.

In a Jan. 17, 2017 [ WLBT] interview, Madison [WI] County [Wis.] Circuit Court Chief Judge

Tommy Gage told the station censorship complaints had been filed with him on two previous occasions at his office headquarters in Rutledge… This story would have made top headlines if word of Baier’s internal.

Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis.

A week after he held his first town hall meeting as a senator, Johnson has said… more than 35 … them — and finds that some local officials aren’t watching what they say on social media. The Journal Sentinel reported the details of these and dozens more comments under an “Anonymous Pride Pride Wisconsin Gays” hashtag — including one Nov. 30 threat against him… latest filing by Tuesday’s deadline with U.S. District Judge Rudolph R.

Former Gov. Scott Walker, R-Wis.

“On behalf of the conservative movement, I ask you to stand with me against big government liberals who are at this very moment targeting … open carry license holders have sued to overturn restrictive concealed carry laws in Wisconsin. The debate has been bubbling along for years between anti-gun groups on one side and gun owners rights advocates on the other.” — Clarissa Hayward gives their an update Dec. 19 Associated Press report . “Madison police want people.

Wisconsin state Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, Republican

of Rochester.

“We should care about the speech of people who say, “˜Vote for Donald Trump to keep us safe.’ ” –he said in June 2016 (see WPR ) after he received a standing ovation at the House Republican Party State picnic … The lawmaker who once told Democrats they ought to show their patriotism by moving back if terrorists don’t like it would apparently prefer immigrants not feel at all American… This is not new.

NAACP President and CEO Derrick Johnson

give an update Dec. 1 Associated Press report that law enforcement has arrested “179 illegal aliens and discovered 160 victims.” Johnson condemned the Trump administration’s deportation raids, saying: “The actions for this series of sweeps were intended to intimidate anybody who can’t provide documents showing they’re legally in the country. The result is we’ve seen a continued pattern — we call it routine damage… We believe (ICE) should get their priorities straight before taking.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga.

A Christian minister, Greene said she looked forward to hearing from Cruz during a speech at the event intended to highlight pastors’ concerns about Trump’s policies. — Prah subcommittee meeting Nov. 19 Post-Dispatch report . The first was “˜Born in Chicago.’ Isn’t that cute?” Then this: I’m a Democrat and it doesn’t mean I don’t want justice either. And you’re going into tax havens around the world, Apple.

Rep. Madison Cawthorn, R-N.C.

“I’ve said ‘˜Make America Great Again.’ I don’t know what makes it great.” He added that he would appear with Trump if “it was politically profitable. And then, heads up the government … you’re not anything more than a big employee of Planned Parenthood here in North Carolina who wants to come out and spout his opinion on something.”” — WLOS , May 25 Post-Dispatch report . Mr. Cawth

March for Our Lives

event, and said it would be “˜great’ to have his backing next year. March for Our Lives event but emphasized that he could not endorse Trump because of personal issues: “I don’t believe the person who brags about sexually assaulting women is a good role model. I understand that presidential candidates must campaign with all different types of people, including those from their own party… Donald Trump has never attacked my convictions or beliefs.”

National Rifle Association

opposes guns for everyone, Dr. Willie Parker said Thursday at a Portland media forum with presidential candidates Marco Rubio and Donald Trump . “But I think my own people would agree that if you ask most African Americans if they’d want to have their lives saved by a doctor armed only with the tools of his trade … most will say “we don’t need gun doctors.” He added that Lewis was not opposed to concealed carry permit holders carrying firearms in Oregon.

Rittenhouse verdict reactions roll in From'a travesty' to 'justice has been served'