Rep. Nancy Mace on cannabis: ‘The only place this is controversial is in Washington D.C’

A vote on how to handle marijuana in Missouri is currently being debated by representatives of each house. Many lawmakers are pushing for marijuana to be taxed and regulated, while other lawmakers are advocating for legalization across the US. Nancy Mace, a representative from St. Louis County, says that because ninety-nine percent of Americans have already voted for legalization of cannabis at the federal level, it would be difficult for states to turn back the clock on this issue .

“The only place this is controversial is in Washington D.C.,” Mace said. Initially, the 2017 budget allowed Missouri to begin taxing and regulating cannabis by July 2018, but MPB intervened before that can occur under House Bill 140 , which would allow Missouri to tax medical marijuana without stepping into other states measures of legalization . The Senate has not taken up HB140 since it was amended last month due to an amendment proposed by former Sen. Debra


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Nancy Mace on cannabis