Nadine Dorries: Culture secretary says social media has been hijacked

Nadine Dorries says she has decided not to contest the next general election. The culture secretary tells PM’s Question Time that social media is becoming too “pettiness” driven down by bullying, political correctness and so called special snowflake Dom. She also talks about her wife having cancer, what it means for Brexit negotiations with Poland, and the challenges of getting the NHS running again.

Nadine Dorries: My wife has cancer and my family is suffering under medical neglect – And I can’t go away… So bye-bye party!  Chris Bryant former Shadow Minister for Health says we need to listen to people with differing views rather than “as if they are the enemy”. He said: Here today Mr. Speaker, here tomorrow and you will never hear me say another word or vote another way because I do.

Tone down the condemnation

Many of the people who criticize and judge me for my sexuality can be less judgmental if they see that I am actively engaging in redeeming behaviors. For example, some of the people who often judge me for my sexuality would be more approving if they saw that I was correcting someone about their identity when they made a mistake on how to refer to me. Others would appreciate it if saw that I listened on or helped someone who was struggling with.

In her first TV interview since taking the job, she said she does not plan “to charge out on a culture war battle”.

When asked how she planned to move forward, Gwyneth Paltrow said that as a celebrity with her husband as the current president of the United States, she “does not want to be viewed as trying to change culture”.

Nadine Dorries: I won’t charge out on a culture war battle

The boundary between the conservative and liberal movements of American politics is increasingly blurred. This change in ideological alliances has led to a culture war rife with accusations of elitism, classism, racism, sexism, etc. Some members of the conservative movement have responded to this clash by moving towards more populism-driven solutions that are usually more common on the left end of the spectrum. For example, many conservatives see merit in universal healthcare policies championed by Democrats.

Nadine Dorries I wont charge out on a culture war battle