How Denis Leary helped Rachael Ray escape from her house fire unscathed

When John’s house caught fire, Denis Leary drove through the flames to rescue his wife. When he reached his destination he broke out of the car and successfully carried her upstairs to safety. All the while, Rachael Ray was hugging him tight, kissing him on his neck and crying tears of joy. The two were able to hug one last time before she lost consciousness from smoke inhalation.

Ray’s mother is still living, but she has macular degeneration..

Ray’s mother has macular degeneration, and severe vision impairment. She is able to do everything she did before, but more slowly and with a lot of effort. As her sight loss progresses, her ability to move around decreases dramatically. Sometimes, it gets too difficult for her to manage cooking and getting out of bed by herself; she often relies on Ray and his siblings to help care for her.

Life with macular

This is a long and difficult journey. However, no matter how hard this may be at times it’s the only way for head trauma patients to regain their sight. There are many side effects and risks which people should consider but in order to get such complicated treatment they decide that it’s worth every struggle. The question that everyone wants to know imbedded deep within them is wither or not these risks outweigh the benefits of restoring functional vision.

How Denis Leary helped Rachael Ray escape from her house fire unscathed