Florida massacre families to get millions for FBI’s inaction

The San Bernardino Law Enforcement Officers Association (SBLEOA) represents hundreds of first responders, detectives and other police professionals. They’ve demanded an investigation into the FBI’s actions leading up to 19-year-old Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik’s mass shooting that killed 14 people last Dec. 2 in California . Specifically, they demand answers on how the perpetrators were able to obtain firearms despite red flags flagged by law enforcement , which included their associations with terror suspects Sepulveda said “We want it investigated so we can get our questions answered.” We want it investigated so we can get our questions answered. The Florida lawmakers are the first to acknowledge the FBI’s negligence in scrutinizing potential terrorists, but given how extensively it has interacted with them only underscores their magnanimous willingness to hold public officials accountable for any failures that could have prevented slaughter or misery, regardless of time elapsed between incidents.”

We want Washington politicians called out because they are playing games with peoples lives. We don’t want It all neatly filed away and simply forgotten…we need more than lip service …truly seek justice   Pittsburgh Post-Gazette ,