Billboard Top 10 Artists of All Time

The Billboard Top 10 Artists of All Time first two albums were ranked as a 1, 2 and 3 respectively. The rest of the album is filled out with aesthetics from 8-12. It was impossible to rank.

Billboard Top 10 Artists of All Time

The Beatles

The Chieftains “Billboard Hot 100”  (Between 1960 & 1969) “Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs”  (Between 1970 & 1989 ) “Mainstream Rock Tracks (#1 to #25)”  (1990 – Present) “Heat seekers Albums”  (1991 – Present) “Country Airplay Magazines”. Colored Image. Below are the top 50 billboard songs since the year 1950 . Taken from charts for country , radio airplay, retail sales, and digital downloads.

List of billboard hot 100 chart achievements and milestones.

  1. Jackson
  2. Beatles
  3. Elton john
  4. Mariah carey
  5. The Beatles
  6. Michael Jackson
  7. Madonna
  8. Whitney Houston
  9. Stevie Wonder
  10. Rihanna

Michael Jackson

Michael jackson is one of the best artists in the world. His amazing songs like Bad, Thriller and Beat It are very popular among people all over the world. He has sold more than 350 million records worldwide and won numerous awards including a record-setting 13 Grammy Awards and an Oscar for Best Original Song Score (for “We Are The World”).

2.Janet Jackson

In the world of music, it’s hard to think of a more successful artist than Janet Jackson. She has been a pop icon for decades, and she is still going strong in her 50s. Since launching her career as a young teenager with the release of “Got ’til It’s Gone,” Jackson has consistently made hit records that have become classics over time

3.The Beatles

The beatles are the most successful band in history. With a record-breaking album sales of more than a billion copies, they have been ranked by many music magazines as one of the best selling bands ever. They have also become one of the highest grossing artists in history with their music being played around the world for over 50 years. The beatles are widely considered to be among rock’s greatest innovators and influential performers who helped shape popular culture during an era when pop was still considered lowbrow entertainment; even today they remain hugely popular worldwide, having influenced numerous musical genres including rock, roll and heavy metal.

4.Elton John

Elton John is the world’s Number 1 artist of all time on Billboard Hot 100, with 47 songs that hit No. 1 over more than four decades. Elvis Presley holds the record for most songs on first-place ranking, with 42; Post Malone has two first-place singles during 2018–19 (less than one week each). Madonna ranks second among women worldwide in terms of chart success since 1958 and fourth overall, after Adele (21), Barbra Streisand (20).

5.Mariah Carey

The song “Ego” by mariah carey is the highest position for mariah carey in billboard top 100. The run of songs that have ranked within Billboard’s top 10 have reached, with various number of days to break up, over 1 billion viewers on YouTube.

6.The Beatles

The beatles are the greatest band of all time. Everyone knows this, even the people who don’t like them. Not only did they start a musical revolution that changed the entire history of pop music forever but created an album, double album and single disc called “the beatles”, each playing 1 hour long mega albums to end all albums! They also created many other artistic works such as the movie “Help!”. So popular were these creations that their members became very famous in their own right almost.

7.Michael Jackson

The top 10 most-played songs on radio in 2017 are as follows:

1. “Uptown Funk” – Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars (featuring Bruno Mars &kelly Clarkson) 2. “Despacito—Luis Fonsi vs Daddy Yankee feat Justin Bieber 3. 7 Years – Lukas Graham 4.”See You Again” – Wiz Khalifa 5.”Love Yourself : Tear”—Justin Bieber 6.”Praying”—Tyrese 7 .8.


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9.Whitney Houston

Whitney houston is the only singer to have seven singles reach number one, where most of her songs spent at least 10 weeks in that position. “Greatest love of all”, which was written by houston’s then-husbandgordy taylor and produced by houston herself reached number 1 on both the pop and adult contemporary charts for a record 34 weeks each. whitney houston‘s first top 40 hit single was “my love is your love” also.

10. Stevie Wonder

The most played songs on the Hot 100 chart are based on total weekly audience impressions measured by Nielsen Music, not any sort of official certification.